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Authored by Luc Didry

Verify Borg archives before pruning

© 2019 Framasoft, GPLv3

Purpose: compare two json output from borg list and check that all archives in the old file are present in the new file.

Can be used to prevent a script from pruning a repository if something is suspicious. Indeed, you can delete archives from append-only borg repositories. You can recover those deleted archives only if you didn’t prune the repository.


Dependency: Cpanel::JSON::XS. Install it from CPAN or install libcpanel-json-xs-perl on Debian

How to use:

  1. Only one time: do a borg list --json REPOSITORY > /tmp/old.json
  2. Before the pruning, do a borg list --json REPOSITORY > /tmp/new.json
  3. Do ./ --old /tmp/old.json --new /tmp/new.json If the output is 1, you’re good to go to 4, else go read
  4. After the pruning, do a borg list --json REPOSITORY > /tmp/old.json


  ./ [--help] --old <JSON of previous listing> --new <JSON of new listing>

  --help: print this help and exit
  --old:  path to the JSON output of the previous time you listed the archives
  --new:  path to the JSON output of the new listing. Need to be created just before using this script to be efficient! 2.56 KB
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