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    Federated (ActivityPub) video streaming platform using P2P (BitTorrent) directly in the web browser with WebTorrent.

    Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links


    Peertube need a postgresql server and a redis server to be used. If you already have ones, you could reuse them without problems through environment variables.

    An easier way to link containers is via docker-compose, since we provide a docker-compose.yml in the support/docker/production folder:

    1. edit .env according to your environment

    2. edit production.yaml

    3. start via docker-compose up -d

    Note that if you use the docker-compose with included postgres, you do not need to edit DB variables in the .env file.


    To upgrade Peertube:

    1. pull the new image via docker-compose pull

    2. restart the peertube service: docker-compose restart peertube

    3. if traefik, redis or postgres have also upgraded image, you can restart corresponding service if you want.

    If you have edited the compose to change services names, you can get them with docker-compose ps --services.

    Use Peertube tools

    Peertube has some useful tools you can use to manage your server.

    Assuming you use default options inside your compose (eg: default services names and volumes) you could run any server command easily!

    For example to create a trancoding-job:

    docker-compose exec -e NODE_CONFIG_DIR=/config -e NODE_ENV=production peertube npm run create-transcoding-job -- -v [videoUUID]

    To prune your storage:

    docker-compose exec -e NODE_CONFIG_DIR=/config -e NODE_ENV=production peertube npm run prune-storage

    You could use any Remote or Server tools using this.


    Admin documentation

    See the general admin documentation to learn configuration possibilities of PeerTube, as well as how to administrate your PeerTube instance.

    Command line tools are available and also provide scripts to help you in some edge cases; beware they are available in the develop-stretch image only.

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