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From the advanced electric kettles that heat water to an exact temperature (some within 2 degrees Fahrenheit accuracy) and then hold that temperature. The key with temperature-sensitive teas is to steep them at a lower precise temperature to bring out the optimal flavors and aromas.

Consider hosting your World Cup promotion over a weekend. Throughout the weekend host ongoing demos of your electric kettles and show customers how to make perfect tea in a variety of international styles. For example, in Morocco green tea is served with fresh mint and sugar. In India, a cup of spicy chai hits the spot. While in Thailand, a strong tea is served with condensed milk and sugar over ice. China's green and oolong tea traditions are well established, as is the afternoon tea culture in England, where black tea is the frontrunner favorite. All of these tea preparations give you an opportunity to promote the features and benefits of your electric kettles.

You may want to offer take-away educational reference sheets for customers that list a variety of popular tea types and the preferred temperature range for steeping each tea (your tea supplier can provide these optimal temps). With this in hand and an electric kettle on their kitchen counter, your customers will score a winning cup every time. The new high-tech electric kettles are also energy-efficient. These kettles will heat water to a precise temperature, and heat it faster than a microwave or traditional kettle, while using half the energy it would take to boil water or stovetop kettle. Get the word out and give your bottom line and your environmental messages a boost with an electric kettle Green Day promotion. Choose one day of the year (Earth Day is one option), and throughout that day invite customers to bring in an old teakettle in exchange for a special price on a new electric kettle. Make arrangements in advance to donate the used kettles to a local charity and tout this connection as part of your promotion.

Your Green Day promotion is also a great time to underscore the energy efficiency of using an electric kettle to prepare more than the perfect cup of tea. An electric kettle is ideal for preparing hot water for hot chocolate, hot cereals, instant soup and Jell-o. The most advanced electric kettles are technological masterpieces. Use shelf talkers to convey the features and benefits of these kettles, and supplement your signage with regular demos that emphasize their ease of use. On your shelf talkers highlight kettles with electronic controls that detect the boiling point regardless of altitude; conveniently remember the last programmed setting; and shut off the kettle automatically. Other features that make some kettles an intelligent choice include a concealed heating element that never comes in contact with water, thereby avoiding mineral buildup on the heating coils. This prolongs the life of the kettle and its ability to maintain its heating efficiency. Drive home the convenience, speed and ease of use of these high-tech wonders, by bringing a stopwatch to your demo. Invite customers to time the quick and simple steps of boiling water in an electric kettle and then the time it takes to clean it, which, incidentally, takes no time at all.

Food dehydration is one of the most effective and nutritious ways ofpreserving food today. A renewed interest in home gardening, combined with a surging interest in buying local and eating healthier, has increased the demand for food dehydrators to dry fruits, vegetables and spices. With the downturn in the economy, more and more consumers are looking to stretch their food dollars. With a food dehydrator, your customers can stretch the summer's bounty to be enjoyed year round. Showcase the versatility of dehydrators in making healthy treats for the entire family. In your store, create signage that compares the cost of home dehydrated fruit to dried fruit purchased in the store. The cost savings is tremendous, plus home dehydrated fruit is fresher and tastier.

Beef Jerky is one of the most popular snacks - and it is also driving demand for dehydrators. Show your customers how easily they can make great tasting jerky at home for a fraction of the price using a dehydrator. Show your gourmet cooks how they can easily create their own custom spices by drying herbs in a food dehydrator. Display the Many Uses of a Food Dehydrator. What do gardeners, cooks, crafters, hikers, healthy eaters, pet owners and outdoor enthusiasts all have in common? They all benefit from owning and using a food dehydrator. Mix small jars of dried flowers, dried, colorful peppers, vegetables or fruit chips next to your food dehydrators as visual suggestions of the multiple uses of the product. This makes an effective, colorful and aromatic presentation. efficient_kitchen_equipment

You've heard the idea of making lemonade when life hands you a bunch of lemons - well, keep the lemon rinds after you make the lemonade. Cut them into strips, dry them in the food dehydrator then chop them fine in a small food chopper, and you have a terrific lemon spice. For a powerful example of how much better this is, buy a jar of lemon spice at your local supermarket - then let your customers inhale the aroma of homemade vs. store-bought. The much fresher and much more powerful aroma of your own spice will really impress them. Peppers also make for a colorful and extremely aromatic demo. Show your customers how easy it is to dehydrate peppers and used them to spice up their cooking year-round. Other possible effective displays are fruit chips, fruit rollups, granola, jerky, vegetable powders and flakes, trail mix, bread crumbs, croutons and bagel chips - all products of food dehydration.

Accessories are key to the full and continued use of this product: additional trays to increase dehydrating capacity, fruit roll sheets, mesh screens for herbs & spice dehydrating, jerky spices and jerky guns for making your own jerky. A dehydration book or two are excellent to have in stock. Many retailers offering food dehydrators fail to capitalize on the accessories which bring customers back again and allow them to fully utilize their product. Accessories enhance the category's margin as well. Most

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