Commit d9f4e418 authored by Augustin Degomme's avatar Augustin Degomme

add missing dependency

parent 3484bb1b
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if(enable_smpi AND SMPI_FORTRAN)
set(CMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER "${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/smpi_script/bin/smpif90")
add_executable (sef90 EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL sef90.f90)
target_link_libraries(sef90 simgrid)
target_link_libraries(sef90 simgrid mpi)
add_dependencies(tests sef90)
ADD_TESH_FACTORIES(smpi-energy-f90 "thread;ucontext;raw;boost" --setenv srcdir=${CMAKE_HOME_DIRECTORY}/examples/smpi/energy --cd ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/examples/smpi/energy ${CMAKE_HOME_DIRECTORY}/examples/smpi/energy/f90/energy.tesh)
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