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    Sanitize the API of this_actor::parallel_execute() · 4f2d08b0
    Martin Quinson authored
    - Use std::vector instead of C arrays (old API remains but is not
      documented -- it should be properly deprecated)
    - The flop_amounts and comm_amounts arrays are not automatically freed
      by the internal functions, and should be properly cleaned by their
      - EXCEPTION: in ptask model, sequential exec and regular comms don't
        have a real caller, so the internal function still has to free
        these arrays... Sick Sad World.
      - The proper solution would be to have the only copy of these arrays
        in the Action instead of having it in s4u.
      - But for now, Actions start as soon as created. So if you want to
        init them without starting, you have to have the data in s4u and
        only create the implementation side when you start the stuff.
      - That should obviously be fixed :) First step in that direction
        would be to have the constructor of each action NOT register the
        action in the LMM, but have an Action::start() in charge of this.
        For each subclass of Action.