1. 27 Nov, 2020 6 commits
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      Introduce mc::mc_api (pull request 1 -- #349) · 6b8d58b2
      Ehsan Azimi authored
      * mc_api class introduced, SafetyChecher's constructor and main() in simgrid_mc.cpp call mc_api's functions
      * SafetyChecker::restore_state() calls mc_api functions
      * SafetyChecker::backtrack() calls mc_api functions
      * SafetyChecker::log_state() calls  APIs of mc_api
      * SafetyChecker::get_textual_trace() uses mc_api
      * SafetyChecker::check_non_termination() uses mc_api
      * SafetyChecker::run() uses mc_api
      * mc_assert() deleted
      * get_maxpid() and take_snapshot() in mc_api
      * copy_incomplete_comm_pattern() and copy_index_comm_pattern() in mc_api
      * mc_api::mc_state_choose_request() updated
      * In VisitedState class, get_remote_heap_bytes() from mc_api is called
      * prepare() and run() call APIs of mc_api
      * CommunicationDeterminismChecker::real_run() uses APIs of mc_api
      * CommunicationDeterminismChecker::restoreState() uses APIs of mc_api
      * CommunicationDeterminismChecker::log_state() uses APIs of mc_api
      * mc_pattern.hpp created
      * get_pattern_comm_rdv() defined in mc_api and used in CommDet checker
      * mc_api::get_pattern_comm_rdv()
      The above functions are defined in mc_api and being used in comm_dete checker
      * conflict with simgrid/master resolved
      * unused variable removed
      * call APIs from facade layer
      * mc_api::get_smpi_request_tag() defined and used in comm_deter checker
      * mc_api::get_pattern_comm_dst_proc() defined and used in comm_deter checker
      * mc_api::check_send_request_detached() defined and used in comm_deter checker
      * CommunicationDeterminismChecker::deterministic_comm_pattern() uses APIs of mc_api
      * mc_api clean up
      * mc_api::get_src_actor() defined,
      it used in update_comm_pattern() of comm. deter. checker
      * mc_api::get_dst_actor() defined,
      it used in update_comm_pattern() of comm. deter. checker
      * mc_api::get_actor_host_name() used by update_comm_pattern() in comm. deter. checker
      * mc_api::get_pattern_comm_data() defined,
      it used by update_comm_pattern() in comm. deter. checker
      Co-authored-by: default avatarEhsan Azimi <eazimi@ehsan.irisa.fr>
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      Fix return type for get_maxpid(). · f653524e
      Arnaud Giersch authored
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      Fix comments. · 75c3f46b
      Arnaud Giersch authored
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      Assert that *request != MPI_REQUEST_NULL, and remove useless tests. · 9cfb1e3c
      Arnaud Giersch authored
      Caught by PVS-studio.
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      Declare function 'const'. · 03aaeb6b
      Arnaud Giersch authored
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