Commit 965c39fd authored by Arnaud Giersch's avatar Arnaud Giersch
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Fix a fixme (kill dead code).

MPI_UNIVERSE_SIZE is already handled as a special case in PMPI_Attr_get.
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......@@ -24,11 +24,6 @@ public:
auto* group = new simgrid::smpi::Group(size_);
comm_world_ = new simgrid::smpi::Comm(group, nullptr, false, -1);
if (false) {
// FIXME : using MPI_Attr_put with MPI_UNIVERSE_SIZE is forbidden and we make it a no-op (which triggers a warning
// as MPI_ERR_ARG is returned). Directly calling Comm::attr_put breaks for now, as MPI_UNIVERSE_SIZE,is <0
comm_world_->attr_put<simgrid::smpi::Comm>(MPI_UNIVERSE_SIZE, reinterpret_cast<void*>(size_));
universe_size += max_no_processes;
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