0.3.0 - 2020-10-13

Changed (breaks everything)
- Full reimplementation with different API and dependencies.
- A single `rsg` program is used to start the RSG server,
  to add initial actors in the simulation, and to start/stop the simulation.
  Details in `rsg --help`.
- `librsg`'s API should now be very close to SimGrid's s4u API, with some changes:
  - Functions to send data (to put data in mailboxes) really transfer data here,
    so another argument is required (the data size).
  - Additional functions are provided for a smoother integration in studied apps —
    e.g., to wrap thread or process creation.
- Dependencies are now:
  - protobuf to serialize messages between RSG processes.
  - docopt for CLI convenience.
  - boost lockfree, used for shared memory communication in the RSG server.
  - SimGrid (of course).
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