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add todo for telegram bot

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......@@ -127,14 +127,16 @@ Then you can plug the one-wire pin which by default is the pin 4, ie the 4th pin
Both the DS18b20 and DHT11 need pull up resistors, the DS18B20 can be plugged in series so just one is need but the DHT11 can't so you'll need to for them. I use 10k ohm for the DHT11 and 4k7 ohms for DS18B20 thought the 10kOhm works also for the DS18B20 and probably a much wider range of resistance could work, but this should be tested.
To wire the DS18B20 you can check this image: ![DS18B20](
To wire the DHT11 you can check this image, just change the blue cable and put it on pin 26 or 16: ![DHT11](
All the pin numbers and useage are here:
(write some quick explaination about the telegram bot)
All the pin numbers and useage are here:
And this should be good enough you can send /checksensors to the telegram bot and see what happens!
And this should be good enough
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