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saugns v0.4.2d. Various fixes. Beginning of new redesign.

Language changes:
 * Channel mixing. Fix combination of `c[]` modulation
   and non-swept non-center values; e.g. `cL[...]` now
   is at left compared to `cC[...]`, before it wasn't.

Fix minor bugs in parser timing code:
 * Make time `td` default time work properly
   for modulators; it (from v0.3.11c) always
   used to change to implicit time for them.
 * Fix bug causing default times to end up
   too short in a few situations; cleanup.

Parser redesign:
 * Make postparse code in parser run once
   per durgroup just after it, not at end
   of script. Adjust, simplify time code.
   Preparation for further time redesign.
 * Move voice number allocation to parser
   from parseconv. Don't fix a number for
   each carrier, allow their renumbering.
   This made voices number optimally low.

Add `` based on tag messages and the website,
with a few additions for clarity on parts of the history.

A few scripts may now count as having fewer voices and
consequently play louder, if auto-scaling of amplitude
is used. One example being, `'a W cL| 'b W cR| @a t1`.