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saugns v0.4.2c. Add quartertone pitch names, add JI systems.

Language changes:
 * Frequencies as notes.
    - Add flat 'b' alias ('f' still supported).
    - Add half-flat 'd' and half-sharp 'z'.
    - Add flat-and-a-half 'v' and sharp-and-a-half 'k'.
    - Add double-flat 'w' and double-sharp 'x'.
    - Add "S f.s" tuning systems 'c' (classic
      5-limit JI) and 'p' (Pythagorean 3-limit JI).

Revise and extend frequency as note further.
Extend default 12TET-based options to 24TET;
use the 7-factor quartertone for JI tunings.

(JI is short for just intonation.)

Add a classic 5-limit JI 'c' mode with sharp
and flat always the same size unlike in 'j'.
Also add Pythagorean tuning system mode 'p'.