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saugns v0.4.2. Unify sweep syntax & reworked modulator list.

Language changes:
 * Sweep syntax. The subparameters are now enclosed in
   a "[]" list rather than in "{}". They can be placed
   at the beginning of a list also used to assign
   modulators, for assigning both in one go.
 * Modulator list syntax. Assigning modulators in
   a "[]" list to a parameter now appends the new list,
   instead of replacing any old items with it. To clear
   old items instead of appending to them, a dash
   can be added before the "[", as in "-[".
 * Channel mixing. Add support for "c[]" panning-AM
   modulators, in addition to value sweeps. Produces
   a stereo placement AM-like effect that disappears
   on mono downmix.

Most older scripts did not remove modulators by setting
new lists; those that do will require adjustment. Apart
from that, a perl one-liner can be used to upgrade the
sweep syntax in scripts. Deprecated support for the old
sweep syntax is kept in the short term.

perl -pi -e 's/{/\[/g; s/}/\]/g; s/\]\[/ /g;' paths...