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saugns v0.4.1. Wave type overhaul. More line types, 'R' modes.

Language changes:
 * Signal generator types. Add 'R' mode 'm' flags
   'h' (half-shape waveform, for sawtooth-like waves) and
   'z' (zig-zag flip, adds jaggedness with randomness).
 * Wave types. Rework into collection of 'sin',
   3 x 3 complementary types, and 2 extras.
    - Add 'par' and 'mto' –- with 'saw', all-harmonics trio.
    - Add 'ean', 'cat', and 'eto' –- even-harmonics trio.
    - Rename 'ahs' to 'spa' (sine parabola),
      adjust phase offset to match other wave types.
    - Rename 'hrs' to 'hsi' (half-rectified sine),
      adjust phase offset to match other wave types.
    - Remove 'ssr', little-used all-harmonics wave type.
    - Make 'saw' decreasing instead of increasing to match
      other types; flip amplitude or frequency for increasing.
 * Line types.
    - Add 'sqe' (square polynomial envelope),
      a softer alternative to 'xpe'.
    - Add 'cub' (cubic polynomial segment),
      with steep ends and a flat middle.
 * Frequencies as notes.
   - Change tuning system to 12TET, adding a new 'S f.s'
     toggle with the previous justly intoned scale as the
     other option ('j' value).
   - Don't treat 'Cf4' as belonging to the octave above 'C4'
     (2011 behavior), instead change default octave for 'Cf'
     to 5 when using key 'C'.
   - Add key-changing option 'S f.k', for handling of default
     and relative octave numbers (and rotating the microtonal
     small letter scale).
 * Variable syntax. Allow an optional letter for parameter
   namespace for an expression after numerical "=",
   whitespace or a math symbol between it and math
   value/ID. Used to allow named constants for a paramater,
   for channel, frequency as note, or phase.
 * Nesting syntax. Re-add undocumented generic '<...>',
   useful for wrapping around use of 'S'. (Removed v0.3.12.)

Old scripts using 'Wssr' will no longer work as expected;
if that wave type is wanted, it could be re-added later.
Most other old scripts will produce equivalent results after
adjusting 'saw' uses, and adjusting phase 'p' for and
renaming the old 'hrs' and 'ahs'.