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saugns v0.4.0c. Some further noise feature additions.

Language changes:
 * Signal generator types. Add 'R' mode 'm' flag 'v'
   -- to select from a set of violet noise functions
   instead of white noise functions, when available.
   (Currently missing for the 'g' and 't' functions.)
 * Line types. Add 'uwh' (uniform white noise)
   -- makes a sweep use uniform random numbers
   in the start–goal range, and R produce chunks
   of noise with a random amplitude and DC offset
   each (if using the default mode).

Fix a minor parsing bug for unary sign without
surrounding parentheses, causing bogus warning
in scripts about missing whitespace afterward.

Add, update, replace some 'R' example scripts.
The new versions match the new online examples
found at <>.