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saugns v0.4.0. Add 'R' random segments generator.

Language changes:
 * Rename generator type 'O' to 'W'.
   [Add backward-compatibility deprecated alias.]
 * Add generator type 'R' (Random segments generator).
   It shares most parameters with type 'W'.
 * Rename sweep subparameter 'r' to 'l' (line fill type).
   [Add backward-compatibility deprecated alias.]

Also, new example scripts actually worth
listening to (much more so than the old).

The design is minimally adjusted in this version;
the main thing is that there's now a full-featured
second audio generator available. More OO redesign
will be done for adding further generator types.

The "N" noise generator in the 2023-01 "mgensys"
version ('old-dev_202301' git branch) is still
left to bring into this main branch/program,
but everything else of value is available,
in a better, more polished program.