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saugns v0.3.8. Clean-up redesign. Fix timing bugs.

Most commits near the top, after the renaming to 'saugns',
have been replaced by expanded commits a bit further down.
Superficial stylistic changes have been rolled back a bit,
while the valuable redesign parts have been streamlined in
redone versions.

To make space for expanding list syntax, undocumented '[]'
usage with few effects as a generic subscope is renamed to
'<>'. The latter could be given a real semantics later on.

Furthermore, the
parser has been simplified with a new round of changes and
default time durations in scripts debugged. The design now
looks a bit more like 2020-06 "mgensys", in part. Next up,
preparing to expand language features on a cleaner ground.

Changes the fix for -r 1 hangs. Now data is generated, and
this extreme case also tested within the interpreter code.