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saugns v0.3.6f. Reduce diff for upcoming redesign.

Reduce differences for various smaller modules with
the 2020-06 "mgensys" redesign experiment now in the
"old-dev_202006" branch. Relicense many small modules
permissively (ISC license), while saugns as a whole is
still LGPL'd.

Change default sample rate to 96000 Hz,
undoing the 2012-02-10 change to 44100 Hz.

Change the -h option to list topics
available with -h <topic>. For now,
only other lists are available, the
first built-in help consisting of a
'wave' type list and a 'ramp' list.

Rename "loader/" to "reader/".

Apart from the mentioned changes to
options, should be functionally the
same as v0.3.6e.