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saugns v0.3.11c. More flexible value ramp usage.

Syntax changes:
 * Add special value for main time 't'
   parameter with literal 'd' in place
   of the '*' feature v0.3.10 removed.
 * Ramp '{...}' and its subparameters:
   - Allow ordinary value, and/or subvalues in "{...}",
     and/or modulator list, in one go, where available.
     They can only be written in that particular order.
   - Add 'v' (start value), as alias for the ordinary
     value before the '{}'; allow use of one of them.

Allow setting just any one subvalue, or any combination,
within '{...}'. Changing goal before old goal is reached
now updates the start/ordinary value to the point reached
on the prior trajectory. What remains of an unexpired time
set for a ramp will now always be the default for its time
until it runs out. And a ramp shape set is kept for any
new updates for the parameter.

Also includes a very small audio generation performance
improvement, and an expansion of symtab code for later.

Add -v verbose option, rename version to -V.
Currently it prints which script is playing.

Update documentation for website move to
<>. (The older pages
redirect to the newer.)