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    Add man page. Split README. Makefile changes. · bf12b99d
    Joel K. Pettersson authored
    Add a saugns(1) man page for installation.
    Split README into README and doc/README.SAU,
    the latter installed under share/doc/saugns/.
    Install examples/* to share/examples/saugns,
    instead of share/saugns.
    Several possibilities exist for where the
    man page should be added/removed. Do something
    very simple and hopefully sensible:
     * If "man" exists under the install/uninstall
       prefix, use it.
     * Else, go with "share/man" under the prefix.
    Some systems (e.g. OpenBSD) do not use compressed
    man pages for official packages, while others do.
    Add simple check for this less significant detail:
     * If "/usr/share/man" exists,
       compress man page if and only if
       it contains compressed man page(s).
     * Else, compress man page if and only if
       install location contains compressed man page(s).
    Change log:
     * 2019-09-07: Add a man page for installation.
           Split README into README and doc/README.SAU.
           Install examples to share/examples/saugns,
           and doc to share/doc/saugns,
           instead of examples to share/saugns.
     * 2019-09-09: Clean up man page.
           Move saugns.1 file to man/.
           Handle man dir possibilities
           more portably in Makefile.
     * 2019-09-13: Update README.
     * 2019-12-14: Handle whether or not to gzip man page
           upon install (always done before),
           according to whether the install location
           or "/usr/share/man" (takes priority if found)
           contains gzipped man pages.
     * 2019-12-21: Update 'doc/README.SAU' on "@label".
     * 2020-02-09: Update man page for simplified usage notice.
     * 2020-07-23: Update man page.
     * 2020-09-19: Update 'doc/README.SAU' on channel mixing.
     * 2021-01-08: Update README to refer to website
           and mention permissive licensing of individual files.
     * 2021-06-20: Update README note on platforms.