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    Rename project to 'saugns' from 'sgensys'. · b869cdbd
    Joel K. Pettersson authored
    Rename the program from 'sgensys'
    to 'saugns' (Scriptable AUdio GeNeration System).
    Change SSG prefix to SAU throughout code.
    Rename scripts from *.sgs
    to *.sau, naming the language SAU (Scriptable AUdio).
    Update descriptions in README.
    Set version to v0.3-dev.
    Change log:
     * 2018-12-05: Rename to 'saugns'. Change SGS prefix to SAG.
     * 2019-01-21: Update for newer code. Change prefix to AGS.
     * 2019-01-22: Bump copyright years. Change prefix to SAU.
           Rename scripts from *.sgs to *.sau, polish README.
     * 2019-07-04: Update for newer code. Tag "v0.3.0".
     * 2019-08-18: Increase version suffix to 'b'.
     * 2019-12-25: Update for newer code.
     * 2020-01-03: Increase version suffix to 'c'.
     * 2020-02-09: Update for newer code. Tag "v0.3.6e-2".
     * 2020-07-26: Update for newer code. Set version to v0.3-dev.
     * 2021-11-10: Update to latest code.