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    Refactor parseconv, voicegraph, utility modules. · 95c7623a
    Joel K. Pettersson authored
    Refactor parseconv and voicegraph, use mempool for all produced
    data. Rename ptrlist to ptrarr.
    Add and use "mpmemdup" methods for arrtype and ptrarr,
    replacing ordinary "memdup" and traversal for freeing.
    Change log:
     * 2020-10-08: Simplified reworking of part of v0.3.6 redesign.
           The old ptrlist module is used, and nodelist is ignored.
       Old branch:
        - 2019-12-31: Renaming and refactoring.
              Add and use arrtype "mpmemdup" for scriptconv
              and voicegraph arrays, removing all but one free.
        - 2020-01-01: Add and use ptrlist "mpmemdup"; simplify,
              turn SAU_ProgramEvent array into array of pointers.
        - 2020-01-03: Merge de-const-ify ptrlist void pointers.
        - 2020-01-04: Move down from later v0.3.6 commits.
        - 2020-02-27: Remove const from parameters for arrtype
              memdup functions.
        - 2020-07-26: ISC-relicense arrtype, ptrlist, nodelist.
     * 2020-10-09: Move down to sgensys v0.2-beta.
     * 2021-11-02: Move to saugns on top of new sgensys.
       Old branch:
        - 2020-10-09: Rename ptrlist to ptrarr.