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Commit ca095be0 by Denis Laxalde Committed by Philippe Pepiot

Include "saemref.supervisor" in upgrade SLS module

This is obviously needed as we run "supervisorctl" command. Also, when users run only "saemref.upgrade" state, if supervisor files need to change, this won't happen without the inclusion.
parent f3c97919
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
{% from "saemref/map.jinja" import saemref with context %}
- saemref.install
- saemref.supervisor
supervisorctl stop all:
......@@ -10,9 +14,6 @@ drop old virtualenv:
- require_in:
- virtualenv: venv
- saemref.install
- name: /home/{{ saemref.instance.user }}/venv/bin/cubicweb-ctl upgrade --backup-db=y --nostartstop --force --verbosity=0 {{ saemref.instance.name }}
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