Commit 58684123 authored by Sylvain Thenault's avatar Sylvain Thenault Committed by Philippe Pepiot

0.16 released

which depends on cubicweb 3.25, which beside bumping its version number also
changed output of c-c list for new style cubes, so more test updates than usual
are needed.
parent 5e985d38
......@@ -29,13 +29,13 @@ def test_package_postgresclient(host):
def test_pip_packages(host):
packages = host.pip_package.get_packages(
assert packages['cubicweb']['version'].startswith("3.24")
assert map(int, packages['cubicweb']['version'].split('.')) >= [3, 24, 5]
assert packages['cubicweb-saem-ref']['version'].startswith("0.15.6")
assert packages['cubicweb']['version'].startswith("3.25")
assert map(int, packages['cubicweb']['version'].split('.')) >= [3, 25, 2]
assert packages['cubicweb-saem-ref']['version'].startswith("0.16.0")
@pytest.mark.parametrize("name, version", [
("cubicweb_saem_ref", "0.15.6"),
("saem_ref", "0.16.0"),
def test_devinstall(host, name, version):
cmd = "/home/saemref/venv/bin/cubicweb-ctl list cubes"
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