Commit d9065ca9 authored by Sylvain Thenault's avatar Sylvain Thenault Committed by Philippe Pepiot
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[doc] Add " -- test" to commands launching test

avoiding discovery of undesired tests (e.g. testinfra).
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......@@ -142,11 +142,11 @@ the container with ``salt-call``).
The command ``./ dev centos7 --salt`` is the same as above but will
provision the container (eg. calling ``salt-call state.highstate``)
The command ``./ test centos7`` built a provisioned image
The command ``./ test centos7 -- test`` built a provisioned image
(highstate) and run testinfra tests on it.
Note that you can add any parameters that testinfra (pytest) accept, for
instance ``./ test centos7 -- -k idempotence --pdb``.
instance ``./ test centos7 -- -k idempotence --pdb test``.
Testing migration
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