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......@@ -6,19 +6,15 @@ guarantee of support.
## Building the package
You can let Drone CI build the package for you, and modify the `release` and
`deploy` steps to fit your needs, triggering them manually when the regular
`build` step satisfies you. That's how I do it myself. You just need to compile
the builder Docker image named `packagebuilder` locally from the Dockerfile
`$ rake`
`$ docker build . -t packagebuilder`
That's it! You expected something more? Sorry to disappoint you ;)
## Development
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec fpm-cook
## Bonus
The definition can actually generate more than just Debian Stretch packages, it
can generate ArchLinux, Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu packages too, although I have
not tested them.
## License
......@@ -11,4 +11,5 @@ end
def build
sh "fpm-dockery/bin/fpm-dockery create-builder-image --dockerfile ./Dockerfile debian.stretch"
sh "fpm-dockery/bin/fpm-dockery package recipe.rb debian.stretch"
puts "The package should now be in the './pkg' directory."
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