Commit db6bec68 authored by Dominique Merle's avatar Dominique Merle 💬
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Make the step about voting shorter in french.

parent 37e69692
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ class ApiRestFeatureContext extends BaseFeatureContext
* This step makes multiple requests, one per given mention.
* @When /^(?P<actor>.+?)(?P<try> (?:essa[iy]ez?|tente) de|) vot(?:e[szr]?|ent) sur le scrutin au jugement majoritaire titré "(?P<title>.+)" *:$/ui
* @When /^(?P<actor>.+?)(?P<try> (?:essa[iy]ez?|tente) de|) vot(?:e[szr]?|ent) sur le scrutin(?: au jugement majoritaire)? titré "(?P<title>.+)" *:$/ui
* @When /^(?P<actor>.+?)(?P<try> tr(?:y|ies) to)? votes? on the majority judgment poll titled "(?P<title>.+)" *:$/ui
public function actorVotesOnTheLimajuPollTitled($actor, $try, $title, $pystring)
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