Commit a12e6607 authored by Dominique Merle's avatar Dominique Merle 💬
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Implement the testing of registration.

Right now, it fails.
It's the big unknown of how we're going to integrate our users
with API Platform.
parent 7c6f2a50
......@@ -10,6 +10,20 @@
class ApiRestFeatureContext extends BaseFeatureContext
* @When /^(?P<actor>.+?)(?P<try> *essa[iy]ez? de)? créer? un compte utilisateur avec le courriel "(.*)" et le mot de passe "(.*)"$/ui
public function actorRegistersWithEmailAndPassword($actor, $email, $password)
$this->actor($actor, true)->api(
'username' => $email,
'password' => $password,
], [], !empty($try)
// /**
// * @When /^(?P<actor>.+?)(?P<try> *essa[iy]ez? de)? dél[éè]gu(?:e[szr]?|ons|ent)(?: finalement)? ses votes à (?P<delegate>.+)$/ui
// * @When /^(?P<actor>.+?)(?P<try> tr(?:y|ies) to)? delegate? (?:my|her|his|their) votes to (?P<delegate>.+)$/ui
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