Commit 32380608 authored by Dominique Merle's avatar Dominique Merle 💬
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Clean up.

parent b0a6e4fe
......@@ -5,17 +5,12 @@ namespace App\Tally\Bot;
use App\Application;
use App\Entity\Citizen;
use App\Entity\LimajuPoll;
use App\Entity\LimajuPollOptionVote;
use App\Entity\Work;
use App\Entity\WorkVote;
use App\Repository\LimajuPollOptionRepository;
use App\Repository\LimajuPollOptionVoteRepository;
use App\Repository\WorkVoteRepository;
use App\Tally\Output\LimajuPollOptionTally;
use App\Tally\Output\LimajuPollTally;
use App\Tally\Output\Tally;
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