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  • v1.0.3   馃敄 v1.0.3 - 馃摑 Update documentation content. - 馃敡 Update extra content through yaml `_data路` files - Add new content - Add documentation in template files - 鉁 Improve `plugins.py` behaviour - Convert `.format()` string into `f""` string - Fix configuration management - Improve management of internal and external subrepo - 猬嗮煋 Upgrade pinned python dependencies
  • v1.0.2   馃敄 v1.0.2 (29/04/2021) - 馃摑馃搫 Update copyright in license content - 鉁 Improve handling of copyright in plugins.py script - 馃敟 Remove useless file from tracked tree
  • v1.0.1   馃敄 v1.0.1 (29/04/2021) - 馃悰馃嵄 Fix wrong assets path in `docs/personal_template/create.md` - 馃悰 Update `plugins.py` to latest release
  • v1.0.0   馃敄 v1.0.0 (29/04/2021) First initial release of MkDocs Template - 鉁 Add bunch of features: - `setup.sh` script to automatically install template, - `template` folder holding basic template files, script `docs/_data/plugins.py` to dynamically setup `mkdocs.yml` configuration and schema and template for files read by the script - 馃敡 Add bunch of configuration files: - Syntax and workflow configuration files such as `.editorconfig`, `.yamllint`, `pyproject.toml` - 馃懛 Add CI which test the scripts (bash and python), build the documentation and deploy it - 馃摑馃嵄 Add the documentation describing the usage of the template with needed assets. - 馃搫 Add licenses, MIT and Beer-Ware.