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![License][license_badge] [![Build Status][build_status_badge]][build_status] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the home page listing the documentation entrypoint of all my projects. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT ! Main repo is on [ Framagit][repo_url].
On other online git platforms, they are just mirror of the main repo.
Any issues, pull/merge requests, etc., might not be considered on those other platforms.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [repo_url]: https://framagit.org/rdeville.public/docs.romaindeville.fr [license_badge]: https://img.shields.io/badge/License-MIT%2FBeer%20Ware-blue?style=flat-square&logo=open-source-initiative [build_status_badge]: https://framagit.org/rdeville.public/docs.romaindeville.fr/badges/master/pipeline.svg?style=flat-square&logo=appveyor [build_status]: https://framagit.org/rdeville.public/docs.romaindeville.fr/commits/master ## Table of Content * [Project Documentation](#project-documentation) ## Project Documentation The complete documentation of the project can be accessed via its [Online Documentation][online_doc]. If, for any reason, the link to the [Online Documentation][online_doc] is broken, you can generate its documention locally on your computer (since the documentation is jointly stored within the repository). To do so, you will need the following requirements: - Python >= 3.8 - Pip3 with Python >= 3.8 First setup a temporary python virtual environment and activate it: ```bash # Create the temporary virtual environment python3 -m venv .temporary_venv # Activate it source .temporary_venv/bin/activate ``` Now, install required dependencies to render the documentation using [mkdocs][mkdocs] in the python virtual environment: ```bash pip3 install -r requirements.docs.txt ``` Now you can easily render the documentation using [mkdocs][mkdocs] through the usage of the following command (some logs will be outputed to stdout): ```bash # Assuming you are at the root of the repo # If there is a `mkdocs.local.yml` mkdocs serve -f mkdocs.local.yml # If there is no `mkdocs.local.yml`, only `mkdocs.yml` mkdocs serve ``` You can now browse the full documentation by visiting [http://localhost:8000][localhost]. [localhost]: https://localhost:8000 [mkdocs]: https://www.mkdocs.org/ **REMARK**: As this repo is hosting entrypoint to all my documentations, when rendering its documentation locally, some link may not be working as expected as most of them are relative links expecting to be used online. [online_doc]: https://docs.romaindeville.fr/index.html