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......@@ -303,7 +303,7 @@ To be honest, I think {{% game 263918 %}}Cartographers{{% /game %}} also seems t
This concludes our list of ten candidates for both awards. I'm truly excited to see what we got right and where the jury will surprise us. What games do you think we missed? Is there a *very* recently released game that might fly under everyone's radar? Let us know and discuss in the comments below!
*Read [Part 2]({{<ref "posts/sdj_2020_2/">}}) for the actual nominations and how I did with my predictions. Read [Part 3]({{<ref "posts/sdj_2020_3/">}}) for analyses of the nominees and my predictions for the winners.*
*Read [Part 2]({{<ref "posts/sdj_2020_2/">}}) for the actual nominations and how I did with my predictions. Read [Part 3]({{<ref "posts/sdj_2020_3/">}}) for analyses of the nominees and my predictions for the winners. Read [Part 4]({{<ref "posts/sdj_2020_4/">}}) for the winners and conclusion.*
*PS*: You can find the notebook I used for the graphs and most of the analysis I did above [on Kaggle](
......@@ -150,6 +150,6 @@ Same procedure, let's assess each game's chances of winning the award!
Hands down, {{% game 284083 %}}The Crew{{% /game %}} is the high favourite, and any other outcome would be a big surprise. This game seems to appeal to reviewers, the community, and the wider market alike. {{% game 263918 %}}Cartographers{{% /game %}} just doesn't have the same pull, and {{% game 245655 %}}King's Dilemma{{% /game %}} seems too specific for an award that's supposed to reach hundreds of thousands of German *average* gamers.
I hope you're as excited as I am about Monday's announcements. We'll be back with the final conclusions for {{% color "#E30613" %}}***Spiel des Jahres 2020***{{% /color %}}!
I hope you're as excited as I am about Monday's announcements. We'll be back with the [final conclusions]({{<ref "posts/sdj_2020_4/">}}) for {{% color "#E30613" %}}***Spiel des Jahres 2020***{{% /color %}}!
[^bga]: This is one of the many things the BoardGameGeek competitor [Board Game Atlas]( gets right: they measure both *learning* and *strategy* complexity.
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title: And the Spiel des Jahres 2020 goes to… Part 4!
slug: and-the-spiel-des-jahres-2020-goes-to-part-4
author: Markus Shepherd
type: post
date: 2020-07-22
- SdJ
- Spiel des Jahres
- KSdJ
- Kennerspiel des Jahres
- Game of the Year
- Germany
- My City
- Nova Luna
- Pictures
- Cartographers
- The Crew
- King's Dilemma
- Daniela Stöhr
- Christian Stöhr
After months of waiting, we finally [know what games won]( this year's {{% color "#E30613" %}}***Spiel des Jahres***{{% /color %}} and {{% color "#193F4A" %}}***Kennerspiel des Jahres***{{% /color %}}! Without further ado, I'll present the winners along with a comment on how the predictions went.
# {{% color "#E30613" %}}*Spiel des Jahres 2020*{{% /color %}}
{{< img src="sdj-2020" size="x300" alt="Spiel des Jahres 2020" >}}
## {{% game 284108 %}}Pictures{{% /game %}}
{{< img src="284108" size="x300" alt="Pictures" >}}
Reading through the comments on the interweb most players seem surprised about the winner of the red meeple. Not me! It was on my list [from the very beginning]({{<ref "posts/sdj_2020/">}}) as probably the strongest contender. Despite nominating the fairly complex {{% game 295486 %}}My City{{% /game %}} and {{% game 284435 %}}Nova Luna{{% /game %}} along with {{% game 284108 %}}Pictures{{% /game %}}, in the end the jury went – again – for the super simple and approachable game.
Inevitable, there are those who complain that one year after {{% game 254640 %}}Just One{{% /game %}} there's yet another party game taking home the main award. I really think the BoardGameGeek crowd needs to rethink their definition of a party (and probably why they're never invited to any). Not every "light" game is automatically a party game, and I believe neither this nor last year's winner would be considered party games by the average gamer. At the end of the day, if you're hanging out on board gaming sites all day long, you're not the target audience of {{% color "#E30613" %}}***Spiel des Jahres***{{% /color %}}. The award is meant to guide people who might purchase one game a year to have a good time with a quick and approachable experience.
By all accounts, {{% game 284108 %}}Pictures{{% /game %}} seems to fit that description perfectly, so I say congratulations to Daniela and Christian Stöhr for winning the most prestigious award in board gaming with their first (or second) design!
# {{% color "#193F4A" %}}*Kennerspiel des Jahres 2020*{{% /color %}}
{{< img src="ksdj-2020" size="x300" alt="Kennerspiel des Jahres 2020" >}}
## {{% game 284083 %}}The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine{{% /game %}}
{{< img src="284083" size="x300" alt="The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine" >}}
Unlike the winner of the red meeple, virtually everybody agreed that {{% game 284083 %}}The Crew{{% /game %}} will win an award, though not necessarily *which one*. I've discussed at length in the [previous]({{<ref "posts/sdj_2020_2/">}}) [articles]({{<ref "posts/sdj_2020_3/">}}) why I agree with the jury's classification of {{% game 284083 %}}The Crew{{% /game %}} as a {{% color "#193F4A" %}}***Kennerspiel***{{% /color %}}.
One last thing to mention is that {{% game 284083 %}}The Crew{{% /game %}}'s predictable win wasn't down to a lack of competition. By all accounts, both {{% game 263918 %}}Cartographers{{% /game %}} and {{% game 245655 %}}King's Dilemma{{% /game %}} are highly regarded and would have deserved the award. As gamers, we can be excited that it's not only the quantity of games being release that's rising, but also the quantity, throughout the spectrum.
# Conclusion
The jury explicitly pointed out the quality of this year's games in all of this hobby's facets. When you look back through the different games discussed in this series, I'm sure you'll agree with them, and it'll get you excited for all the games yet to be published.
I certainly had a ton of fun reading reviews, following discussions, crunching numbers, and distilling everything into my predictions. The outcome makes me quite proud and I'm already thinking about next year's awards, so be sure to check back in for {{% color "#E30613" %}}***Spiel des Jahres 2021***{{% /color %}}!
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