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Ajout du test unitaire pour la durée

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#ifndef TEST_UNIT_H
#define TETS_UNIT_H
#include <cppunit>
class TestPlaylist : public Cpp::TestCase {
void testDuration();
#endif //
#include "../header/test_unit.h"
#include "../header/playlist.h"
void TestPlaylist::testDuration(){
PGconn *retour_connexion = PQsetdbLogin("", "5432", nullptr, nullptr, "Cours", "q.pipelier", "Lilou1105");
Playlist *playlist = new Playlist(1, "Playlits_test", 2569, "", retour_connexion);
playlist->writeM3U("", "", "", "", "");
CPPUNIT_ASSERT(playlist.getDuration() <= 2569);
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