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Amélioration des scipts de génération de paquets

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......@@ -47,10 +47,6 @@ make clean
make all
make repo
echo "*** Create Windows binary..."
echo "Hit 'enter' when Windows package is ready."
read touche
echo "*** Tag git develop ***"
echo "Do you want to commit and tag the git develop branch (o/N)?"
read touche
......@@ -61,33 +57,3 @@ case "$touche" in
#git push --tags:
echo "*** Update pyromaths web-site links..."
cat > ${PYROPATH}/pyrosite.txt << EOF
:title: Version ${VERSION}
:slug: version-$(echo ${VERSION} | sed 's/\./-/g')
:date: $(date +"%Y-%m-%d %H:%M")
:category: telecharger
:description: Liens vers la version ${VERSION}
* |debian| \`Pyromaths pour Linux - deb <${VERSION}-1_all.deb>\`_
* |redhat| \`Pyromaths pour Linux - rpm <${VERSION}-1.noarch.rpm>\`_
* |macos| \`Pyromaths pour Mac OS X <${VERSION}-macos.dmg>\`_
* |windows| \`Pyromaths pour Windows <${VERSION}.exe>\`_
* |sources| \`Sources de Pyromaths <>\`_
.. |debian| image:: images/debian.png
:alt: Debian Linux
.. |redhat| image:: images/redhat.png
:alt: RedHat Linux
.. |macos| image:: images/macosx.png
:alt: Mac OS X
.. |windows| image:: images/winvista.png
:alt: Windows
.. |sources| image:: images/source.png
:alt: Sources
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