Commit d32ab98b authored by Yves Gesnel's avatar Yves Gesnel
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Version mac: suppression des dependances inutiles dans

parent 373ba129
......@@ -101,21 +101,21 @@ def _mac_opt():
'_codecs_iso2022', '_codecs_jp', '_codecs_kr',
'_codecs_tw', '_Evt', '_File', '_heapq',
'_locale', '_multibytecodec', '_Res','_ssl', 'array',
'bz2', 'cPickle', 'datetime', 'gestalt', 'MacOS',
'bz2', 'datetime', 'gestalt', 'MacOS',
'pyexpat', 'rurce', 'strop', 'unicodedata']
site_packages_unused = ['_osx_support', '_builtinSuites', 'Carbon',
'distutils', 'Finder', 'StdSuites','xml','getopt',
'repr', '_strptime', 'sets', '_threading_local',
'base64', 'sre', 'bdb', 'optparse.', 'ssl',
'sre', 'bdb', 'optparse.', 'ssl',
'calendar', 'pdb', 'stringprep', 'cmd',
'pkg_resources', 'platform', 'threading',
'pkg_resources', 'platform',
'dummy_thread', 'plistlib', 'quopri', 'doctest',
'ntpath', 'OpenSSL','os2emxpath', 'PyQt4.uic']
excludes = lib_dynload_unused + site_packages_unused + ['PyQt4.%s' % f for f in qt_unused]
# py2app
py2app = dict(plist = plist,
iconfile = 'data/images/pyromaths.icns',
includes = ['gzip', 'threading', 'cPickle', 'base64'],
includes = ['gzip', 'cPickle'],
packages = ['pyromaths.ex'],
excludes = excludes,
argv_emulation = True,
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