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[setup] `make wheel` et `make rmp` fonctionnent

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......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ clean = rm -rf *.egg-info && rm -rf $(BUILDIR) &&\
# src must be after rpm, otherwise rpm produces a .tar.gz file that replaces the
# .tar.gz source file (should $$FORMATS include gztar).
all: egg rpm deb src
all: wheel rpm deb src
......@@ -92,17 +92,17 @@ clean:
# Apply target version ($(VERSION)) to sources
$(sed-i) "s/VERSION\s*=\s*'.*'/VERSION = '$(VERSION)'/" pyromaths/
$(sed-i) "s/VERSION\s*=\s*'.*'/VERSION = '$(VERSION)'/" pyromaths/
src: version
# Make full-source archive(s) (formats=$(FORMATS))
$(setup) sdist --formats=$(FORMATS) -d $(DIST) $(OUT)
egg: version
# Make python egg
wheel: version
# Make python wheel
$(setup) bdist_egg -d $(DIST) $(OUT)
$(setup) bdist_wheel -d $(DIST) $(OUT)
rpm: version
# Make RPM package
tag_build =
tag_date = 0
tag_svn_revision = 0
python-tag = py3
......@@ -9,14 +9,14 @@ import os
def readme():
"""Lecture du README"""
with open("") as file:
with"", encoding="utf8", errors="replace") as file:
# Chargement des variables VERSION, COPYRIGHT_YEAR
# Ceci n'est pas fait par un `import pyromaths.version` pour ne pas importer
# des dépendances qui ne sont pas encore installées.
with open("pyromaths/") as file:
with"pyromaths/", encoding="utf8", errors="replace") as file:
exec(compile(, "", "exec"))
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