Commit 8cc19889 authored by Olivier Cornu's avatar Olivier Cornu
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Détection des exercices au nouveau format.

parent d569b529
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ class __LegacyExercise(TexExercise):
return self.ans
def __legacy(path, i, function):
def __legacy(function, thumb):
''' Create a new class proxying for a legacy exercise 'function'. '''
__LegacyExercise._id += 1
# Create a proxy class inheriting from LegacyExercise for this function
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@ def __legacy(path, i, function):
thumb=os.path.join(path, 'img', 'ex-%02d.png' % i),
......@@ -67,10 +67,14 @@ def __hasdescription(obj):
if not isinstance(description, basestring): return False
return True
def __isexercise(obj):
def __islegacy(obj):
''' Is target object an exercise in legacy format? '''
return inspect.isfunction(obj) and __hasdescription(obj)
def __isexercise(obj):
''' Is target object an exercise (in new format)? '''
return inspect.isclass(obj) and issubclass(obj, Exercise)
def __level(level):
''' Format academic level(s). '''
# level may be a string or a list (default)
......@@ -99,14 +103,21 @@ def _exercises(pkg):
# import module
mod = __import(name, pkg)
if 'level' not in dir(mod): mod.level = pkg.level
# search exercises in module
for element in dir(mod):
element = mod.__dict__[element]
if not __isexercise(element): continue
# found an exercise: work out what level it is
element.level = __level(element.level if 'level' in dir(element)
else mod.level)
yield __legacy(pkg.__path__[0], n, element)
level = __level(element.level if 'level' in dir(element)
else mod.level)
thumb = os.path.join(pkg.__path__[0], 'img', 'ex-%02d.png' % n)
if __isexercise(element):
element.level = level
element.thumb = thumb
yield element
n += 1
elif __islegacy(element):
element.level = level
yield __legacy(element, thumb)
n += 1
def _subpackages(pkg):
''' List 'pkg' sub-packages. '''
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