Commit 0cee4788 authored by Jérôme Ortais's avatar Jérôme Ortais
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Pas de traduction sur les clés de dictionnaires.

parent b5a9a3d8
......@@ -760,8 +760,8 @@ def texify(liste_calculs):
from pyromaths.classes.SquareRoot import SquareRoot
from Affichage import decimaux
ls = []
enluminures = {_('indice'): r'_{', _('cancel'):r'\cancel{'}
isEnlumine = {_('indice'): False, _('cancel'):False}
enluminures = {'indice': r'_{', 'cancel':r'\cancel{'}
isEnlumine = {'indice': False, 'cancel':False}
for calcul in liste_calculs:
if isinstance(calcul, basestring): calcul = splitting(calcul)
s = ""
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