Commit 8879ff26 authored by Pierre-Antoine Rouby's avatar Pierre-Antoine Rouby 🤘🏻
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example: New file example-fibo.

parent 7de0f4f1
;; -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
(import [truelisp [*]])
(require [truelisp [*]])
(defn usage [args]
(print "Usage:" (car args) "<num>")
(defn fibo [n]
(defn fibo_aux [u0 u1 n]
[(<= n 0) u0]
[True (fibo_aux u1 (+ u0 u1) (- n 1))]))
(fibo_aux 0 1 n))
(defmain [&rest args]
(when (< (len args) 2) (usage args))
(let f (λ [x]
(print "Calcul fibonacci of" x)
(print (fibo (int x)))))
(map-list f (cdr args))))
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