Commit 65326894 authored by Pierre-Antoine Rouby's avatar Pierre-Antoine Rouby 🤘🏻
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build: Update makefile.

parent e2c8278f
all: truelisp
# Compile truelisp.hy
$(info Compiling (hy2py) $<)
@hy2py3 $< > $@
truelisp: truelisp.hy
@hyc3 $<
@hy test.hy
# Tests
fibo: example-fibo.hy
$(info Running $< 42)
@hy example-fibo.hy 42
test: test.hy
$(info Running $<)
@hy $<
check: test fibo
.PHONY: clean check
# Clean
.PHONY: clean check test fibo truelisp
@rm -vf *.py
@rm -vrf __pycache__/
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