Commit 74762146 authored by Jean-Marc Le Roux's avatar Jean-Marc Le Roux

Enforce the creation of /usr/local/lib/npm/lib/node_modules.

parent 3267c5a6
- file:
- name: Create /usr/local/lib/npm/lib/node_modules
path: "/usr/local/lib/npm/lib/node_modules"
state: "directory"
- name: Symlink the global NPM packages
src: "/vagrant/lib/{{ item }}"
dest: "/usr/local/lib/npm/lib/node_modules/{{ item }}"
state: "link"
......@@ -8,7 +14,7 @@
- amenda-gitlab
- amenda-logger
- npm:
- npm: Install global NPM packages dependencies
path: /vagrant/lib/{{ item }}
- amenda-gitlab
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