Commit cd12529b authored by Bat's avatar Bat

Updated Makefile

parent 647d3b40
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ SRCDIR = ./src
BUILDDIR = ./build
PKG = --pkg gee-0.8 --pkg gio-2.0 --pkg json-glib-1.0
PKG = --pkg gee-0.8 --pkg gio-2.0 --pkg json-glib-1.0 --pkg semver --pkg libsoup-2.4 --pkg toml-glib
POULPFILES = $(SRCDIR)/*.vala $(SRCDIR)/commands/*.vala
......@@ -16,8 +16,9 @@ POULPFILES = $(SRCDIR)/*.vala $(SRCDIR)/commands/*.vala
mkdir -p $(BUILDDIR)/
echo Compiling with $(valac --version)
valac $(POULPFILES) $(PKG) --output=$(OUTPUT) -X -w
echo Compiling with `valac --version`
valac $(POULPFILES) $(PKG) --output=$(OUTPUT) -X -w --enable-deprecated
echo Compilation ended
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