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# poulp's specification
*This document aims to provide a description of how poulp will work when it will be prouction-ready.*
## poulp.json
The `poulp.json` file contains some [JSON]( defining the properties of a project. It is located at the root of the project.
It can contains the following keys.
### name
The name of the project. It should only contain (small) letters, numbers or hyphens, and it must start with a letter.
"my-project" # correct
"my-project-123" # correct
"GTK+ App" # Incorrect : capitals, + and space
"42-the-meaning-of-live-and-co" # Incorrect : begins with a number
This key is mandatory.
### version
This is the version of your package. It should be a valid [semantic version](
This key is mandatory.
### description
This is just a short description of your package.
## Commands
Each command listed here can be run with `poulp command`, where `command` is the command followed by its arguments.
`<arg>` is a mandatory argument.
`[arg]` is an optional argument.
### search <package>
Search the package named `package` in the known repositories. It will display something like that.
package 0.1.0 Short description of the package.
other 0.2.3 Yet another package.
### info <package>
Gives infos about `package`.
✓ Installed
Name package
Version 0.1.0 (latest is 0.2.0, update with `poulp update package`)
Description This is a package.
Author John Doe
Contributors Jane Doe, Foo Bar
Files package.vapi, package.h,, package.pc
Dependencies other (0.2.3), foo (<2.1.0), bar (*)
Source code
### pack [--zip|--gz]
Creates a .zip or .tar.gz file containing all the binaries of the project (.h, .vapi, .so, .dll, etc)
- pack
- publish
- search
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