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Add with basic usage to python-telegra-bot_verstion

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This is a simple telegram bot example based on [python-telegram-bot]( It can send random message from word tarot, or random TGS (Telegram gzipped and subset of Lottie animation).
If you want to create Lottie (or SVG) animation you can use [python-lottie]( for easy procedural generation or [Glaxnimate](, I used for the current .tgs example, a GUI to produce vector animations mainly based on Lottie format. It can still export in animated SVG, mp4, gif, multi-PNG, etc...
To use it:
* Replace "BOT:TOKEN" by token that [Botfather given you](
* Customize it if you want
* Launch it by ./
A better (but not the best) way is to launch it in a screen:
```screen -S Pythonbot ./```
and to dettach by 'ctrl'-'a' + 'd'
you can come back in the screen by typing
```screen -r```
if you have only this screen, or
```screen -x Pythonbot```
You can only launch one bot at a time with an unique telegram bot id.
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