1. 31 Oct, 2019 3 commits
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      Declare the input parameters for the Guile bindings · eaeaa33e
      Vivien Kraus authored
      The goal is to generate functions of the form:
      #+BEGIN_SRC C
        /* Bind to TarotMachin *function (TarotChose *input_parameter, size_t size, TarotElement *array_rewritten, TarotBidule *output_parameter); */
        static SCM
        tarot_guile_function (SCM g_input_parameter, SCM g_array_rewritten)
          TarotChose *c_input_parameter;
          size_t c_size;
          TarotElement *c_array_rewritten;
          TarotMachin *c_ret;
          TarotBidule c_output_parameter;
          SCM g_ret = SCM_EOL;
          bind_chose (g_input_parameter, c_input_parameter);
          bind_element_array (g_array_rewritten, &c_size, c_array_rewritten);
          c_ret = function (c_input_parameter, c_size, c_array_rewritten, &c_output_parameter);
          clean_chose (&c_input_parameter);
          g_ret = push_machin (g_ret, c_ret);
          g_ret = push_element_array (g_ret, c_size, c_array_rewritten);
          g_ret = push_bidule (g_ret, c_output_parameter);
          return g_ret;
      In this commit, we declare the input types.
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      Generate the bindings directly in C · 697bf715
      Vivien Kraus authored
      The other options were ot generate scheme code, or use scheme macros
      to generate it at macro expand time.
      The latter is not possible in r7rs-small, because syntax-case has been
      removed.  So I will not go down this road.
      The former is quite awkward, because we constantly need to jump in the
      XML document in order to get the C type names of things.
      So for now everything is XSLT+C.
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