1. 25 Aug, 2019 20 commits
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  3. 07 Aug, 2019 6 commits
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      Provide the C-side name of the constants · 2f085c0a
      Vivien Kraus authored
      When writing stub code, it is tempting to use the C identifier for the
      constants, instead of their actual value.  This makes potential
      generated code slightly more easy to read.
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      Recognize the 'string' type · 43480509
      Vivien Kraus authored
      The Gir unfortunately has this 'utf8' or 'gchar' that can either mean
      a string or a char.  We have to decide solely based on the equivalent
      C type.
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      Ignore the erased methods · 6611c392
      Vivien Kraus authored
      All class methods are described twice in the gir: once within the
      class, and once in the global namespace, but with an attribute
      indicating that it does not belong there.  If we don't ignore these,
      we will have duplicate identifiers when writing bindings.
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      Provide the C type for a typedef · 38286215
      Vivien Kraus authored
      As the C type was not present, it was impossible to write binding code
      that would compile nicely in C.  Specifically,
      pointer-to-unsigned-ints would trigger at least a warning (not sure,
      not tested) when given instead of pointer-to-the-alias.
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      fixup! Add some missing annotations · fcb7027b
      Vivien Kraus authored
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      Add some missing annotations · e27b49fe
      Vivien Kraus authored
      The "end" pointer was not recognized as an output parameter.  Adding
      the annotation forces it to be an out (but nullable) parameter.
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