Commit c4d72d35 authored by Vivien Kraus's avatar Vivien Kraus
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Fix TarotSolo annotations

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......@@ -47,16 +47,12 @@ extern "C"
void tarot_solo_copy (TarotSolo * dest, const TarotSolo * source);
void tarot_solo_copy_as (TarotSolo *dest, const TarotSolo *source, TarotPlayer who);
* tarot_solo_get:
* @game: (out):
void tarot_solo_get (const TarotSolo *solo, TarotGame *game);
TarotGame *tarot_solo_get_alloc (const TarotSolo *solo);
* tarot_solo_setup:
* @owners: (array length=n_owners):
* @with_call: (type boolean):
TarotGameError tarot_solo_setup (TarotSolo *solo, size_t n_players, int with_call, TarotPlayer myself, size_t n_owners, const TarotPlayer *owners, TarotPlayer taker, TarotCard call);
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