Commit 8a8bc0dd authored by Vivien Kraus's avatar Vivien Kraus
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Ooops :)

parent 19bfa058
......@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ ai_construct_fuzzy (TarotAi * ai, double fuzziness, size_t seed_size,
ai_copy_fresh (&(state->base), base);
state->fuzziness = fuzziness;
yarrow256_init (&(state->prng), 0, NULL);
yarrow256_seed (&(state->prng), sizeof (seed), seed);
yarrow256_seed (&(state->prng), seed_size, seed);
ai_construct (ai, state, ai_fuzzy_eval, ai_fuzzy_learn,
ai_fuzzy_dup, ai_fuzzy_destruct);
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