Commit 89714bf9 authored by Vivien Kraus's avatar Vivien Kraus
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Do not use extra-sources

parent 772ae6c3
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......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ deb:
expire_in: 1 week
image: debian:testing
image: debian
stage: check
script: "./ci/"
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
EXTRA_DIST += %reldir%/gen-manifest
CLEANFILES += manifest.json tarot-latest.flatpak
.PHONY: flatpak flatpak-bundle clean-flatpak
......@@ -37,13 +38,12 @@ .version
flatpak: dist
@rm -rf flatpak-build-dir
@mkdir -p flatpak-build-dir
@sed "s/GET_SHA256/$$(sha256sum $(DIST_ARCHIVES) | head -c 64)/g" $(srcdir)/ > manifest.json
$(flatpak_verbose) $(FLATPAK_BUILDER) $(FLATPAK_BUILDERFLAGS) --extra-sources=. --repo=flatpak-repo flatpak-build-dir manifest.json
@sed "s/GET_SHA256/$$(sha256sum $(DIST_ARCHIVES) | head -c 64)/g ; s|\"url\": \"|\"path\": \"$(abs_top_builddir)/|g" $(srcdir)/ > manifest.json
$(flatpak_verbose) $(FLATPAK_BUILDER) $(FLATPAK_BUILDERFLAGS) --repo=flatpak-repo flatpak-build-dir manifest.json
flatpak-bundle: flatpak
$(bundle_verbose) $(FLATPAK) build-bundle flatpak-repo tarot-latest.flatpak eu.planete_kraus.Tarot
@rm -rf flatpak-build-dir
@rm -rf tarot-latest.flatpak
@rm -rf flatpak-repo
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