Commit 78eb1fd0 authored by Vivien Kraus's avatar Vivien Kraus
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Copy the whole icons directory

The Adwaita subdirectory contains the icons.
parent 1c6ea93a
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ nsi:
$(MKDIR_P) %reldir%/share
for file in $(HOST_SYSROOT)/bin/*.dll ; do cp $$file %reldir%/bin/ ; done
cp -R $(HOST_SYSROOT)/share/fontconfig %reldir%/share/
cp -R $(HOST_SYSROOT)/share/icons/hicolor %reldir%/share/
cp -R $(HOST_SYSROOT)/share/icons %reldir%/share/
cp -R $(HOST_SYSROOT)/share/locale %reldir%/share/
$(nsi_verbose) (cd %reldir% && $(MAKENSIS) setup.nsi)
@mv %reldir%/tarot-setup.exe .
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