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Correct documentation of tarot_game_check_deal_one

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......@@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ is dealt the @emph{petit} without any other trumps and without the
situation is called @dfn{single petit} (or in French @dfn{petit sec}
or @dfn{petit imprenable}).
@deftypefun {int} tarot_game_check_deal_one (const TarotGame *@var{game}, TarotPlayer @var{player}, unsigned int @var{n}, const TarotCard *@var{cards})
@deftypefun {int} tarot_game_check_deal_one (const TarotGame *@var{game}, unsigned int @var{n}, const TarotCard *@var{cards})
Check that a regular player can be given the @var{n} cards in
@var{cards}. The computation is faster if @var{cards} are sorted
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